#NeeluGotTrixX – Reception Vlog

We had a blast celebrating the love of our dear friends Thushanth and Neelu. We put together a couple clips of their EPIC reception and created a little vlog.

We met the beautiful couple back in University, and what brought us all close was dance and our team, the Assassins. After over 6 years, we reunited to put together a dance for the couple! The talented Zillas, Thushanth’s family, and the gorgeous bride Neelu even made a cameo in the dance.

There was definitely a lot of amazing Toronto talent on the floor at the same time!!

Check out our vlog here:

Pregnancy Q&A

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since we got around to creating a vlog. A while ago we promised you guys a Q&A video, and here it finally is!

We figured we’d focus mainly on the pregnancy since many of you have been asking us a ton of questions about that lately. So, we took the most common questions and filmed this Q&A!

Check it out:



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