Hey Guys!

Hope you are all enjoying your Canadian Thanksgiving Long weekend! 🦃

As per your request, here is the Husband Does my Makeup Challenge video! 😂 You wouldn’t believe what happened… I let Vith use my all my make-up, including the new Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, and let’s just say this didn’t turn out to be such a great idea.

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Ps. If you are curious about any of the products Vith used, you can see more details in the video’s description box.



Watch Here:




  1. Freeman Exum says:

    very well prepared. it was in fact good to read. Giving onto onward for More of it. Try to keep up the good job

  2. […] Husband Does My Makeup Challenge […]

  3. […] Husband Does My Makeup Challenge […]

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