Take a Peek Inside: Pinot’s Palette

Like most people, we are always trying to entertain ourselves. Getting food and binge watching Netflix usually satisfies us, but this time we wanted more.

So, we decided to visit Pinot’s Palette and unleash our artistic side! All you have to do is register online for a session that you’d like and pop in. Our session was 2 hours long but it felt like it whizzed by. The instructor and assistant instructor were both great and offered their expertise.

As you can tell, we both got really into it, LOL. They even have private group sessions. Pinot’s Palette gives off a very chic vibe with great music that caters to all types of people. They played BeyoncĂ©, I was more than happy. They do a really good job of engaging everyone in the session.

Oh yeah, and did I mention… they have an awesome bring your own snack rule. The bar is pretty killer too! Check them out and get your paint on!



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