Take a Peek Inside: La Jawab Grill

We swung by Markham the other day and stopped at this spacious South Asian restaurant for a bite to eat. I don’t know about you, but we love grilled food! They deliver Indian and Pakistani dishes. This would be a cool place to go with a bunch of people. The booths are pretty private. You will definitely be able to grab a big table. If you’re not about dining in, you can always do takeout.

We ordered a couple different drinks and dishes to our table, just because we were so excited to try it all. My brother, Jana accompanied Vith and I to La Jawab Grill. Jana loves food just as much as we do so he tagged along for this adventure. We started off with a Lassi each. A Lassi is a savoury, yogurt-based drink. There are three different types and naturally, we wanted to try them all.  Vith and Jana loved the Mango and Sweet Lassis. While, I indulged in the Salt Lassi. What can I say, I love salty foods and now salty drinks.

The service is pretty straight forward. You order, and you get what you want. The manager suggested some awesome dishes to try and so we got them all. We tried the barbecue platter. Jana fell in love with the short ribs. I am not going to lie, they were to die for. The ribs were Vith’s favourite as well! They are marinated and grilled to perfection. The barbecue platter also consisted of chicken and lamb chops. We also had the classic chicken biryani. We eat pretty spicy foods (the Tamil roots) so, we were happy with the level of hotness added into the dish. My favourite dish was the butter chicken. It was so soft and tender. Oh man, my mouth just waters thinking about it! The dish is accompanied with crispy naan bread which is made in-house. The dishes were all small to medium sized while the flavours were very much on point.

Let’s just say we left La Jawab Grill with smiles on our faces and wishing we wore sweatpants. We were so full from all the different dishes we tried. What can we say, we love to eat! If you’re ever in Markham, it’s definitely a spot to try. 


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