Avalt Skins

If it’s one thing we love to do at Trend Toronto, it’s to support brands, companies and initiatives that are Torontonian/Canadian! We are so proud to be from this wonderful and diverse city. We love to showcase all the local talent we have here.

Avalt Skins is a promising company that has created these very unique skins for smartphones. I found that their phone skins are lightweight and provide great grip. I have a screen protector on my phone as well so I was comfortable sporting around my phone without a phone case on top. Seriously though, my phone is pink! I really like the fact that these skins are easily removable. I was scared they would leave a sticky residue, like my laptop decal, but I tested it out and my phone is totally fine! I got a couple more skins that I’m excited to try out during Wedding season. Use my code TrendTO to get 30% off of Avalt Skins. Make sure you show me which skin(s) you grab (tag Trend_Toronto on Ig).

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