5 Places NOT to Take Your Date In Toronto

Valentine’s Day is a week away. We’ve noticed that most people are one of two things. Either really into Vday and all the mushy gushy stuff. Or, they’re really NOT into it and boycott it. Our opinion on it? Just do you. We like going out and having a good time at ALL times. Valentine’s day can be a good excuse to go out with your loved ones and just feel special. Maybe you have your eye on a special someone, this could be an excuse to ask them out! Vith and I have put together a list of places you should avoid this Valentine’s day if you’re in or around the city of Toronto.

1. Cineplex / Famous Players

DO NOT take your date to the movies. Just because Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. I am all for saving money and watching movies but that is the worst combination, especially in Toronto. Unless you like scrambling to find a good pair of seats in a crowded theatre. It’s a definite DO NOT if you’re on a date with someone for the first time, sitting in silence isn’t the best way to make an impression. You need to interact and get to know the person for goodness sake’s!

2. Dave & Buster’s

We are all for arcades and cute places like that. It’s just Dave & Buster’s isn’t the way to go. We have been here more than once and it is such a money grab. Also, the food is horrible and overpriced. Also, every time we have went one of us have complained about the service. Our experiences are solely based on the Vaughan location but we haven’t heard any good things about the other branches.

3. Ice Skating/ Roller Blading

This one is a little tricky. We think Skating/Rollerblading is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. This one is only for those people who are trying to get to know their date for the first time. If your date is a pro like you at skating, it’d be cute. You guys can skate around holding hands and doing cutesy (is this a made up word?) shit like that. If your date can’t skate, you better be holding them up and teaching them the whole time. All I’m saying is it can get a little tiresome and awkward. There is also a chance they may end up in the ER which isn’t so romantic.

4. All You Can Eat Anything

Doing lunch or dinner is such a good idea to get to know someone. You can chat and eat, two of the best things to do. What you don’t want to do is AYCE. Why? Well, we have both done many All You Can Eats and we ALWAYS feel like shit right after. We eat until we’re incredibly full.  Then we feel the itis creeping in and all of a sudden, we can’t move. Tell me this isn’t the truth.

5. Clubbing

Toronto’s clubbing scene is as wild as it gets. Even in freezing weather, you will find Uni/College students dressed up and ready to party. Let’s just say this, sometimes at the club, you’ll may be able to meet a date (for the night… if you catch our drift). Don’t take someone who you’re actually interested in to party at a poorly lit/ loud club. It’s cool if you’ve been dating the person for a while and want to do something wild. We just wouldn’t recommend it for first dates.

All of these are subjective and obviously… to each their own! Let us know if you agree or not. Have fun and be safe this Valentine’s Day!!


Vith & Abs

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