Damn abs, back at it again with NO PANTS!

Yeah, I totally decided just to wear a long shirt with this look. When in doubt, steal your bestie’s clothes. It’s just as easy as that. The shirt is from Adidas (quite obvious). I love the whole patterned thing they’re doing. They’ve totally stepped it up with their designs a whole lot. My jacket, which I’ve worn numerous times, is from Forever 21.

Now, let’s get talking about the boots! Man, oh, man… let me tell you. I have been looking high and low for a pair of good-fitting thigh high boots. I originally wanted the Stuart Weitzman boots, except they would’ve costed me an arm and a leg. I found these boots on Urbanog.com. I was obviously skeptical considering they were like an eighth of the price of the Stuart Weitzman boots. They came through in the mail and let me tell you… I love them! My legs are very thin (just like the rest of my body… working on those gains okay) and these are a pretty good fit! I was surprised because usually I would have been swimming in them. I can’t wait to rock these in a million different ways, these are definitely not the last time you’re going to be seeing these boots! Urbanog is having a 25% sale, so go wild!

Have an amazing long weekend!
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  1. Soniya Siva says:

    Ouuu, kill 'em Abs

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