Located at 3255 Highway 7 East, First Markham Place is home to a bunch of OG shops. Some of which have been there for over a decade. But the real gems, in our eyes, lie within the hidden food court of the mall.

Here your taste buds will be taken on a tour through Eastern and Southern Asia. If you are a food lover, you’ll definitely fall in love with the flavors you’ll find here.

Dim Sum, Noodle Soup, Sushi – you name it, you’ll find it here!

It wasn’t until about two years ago that we randomly discovered this place. Since then, it has been our go-to spot for a quick bite whenever we are in Markham.

The first thing that caught our eye, was how cheap this place is! Can you believe we got bubble tea here for $1.99! Compare that to the other tea shops out there charging $5 for bubble tea.

We’ve been going back ever since and we think that you may fall in love with First Markham Place as well.

To make things easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to four of our favorite things to try at First Markham place.

CHEAP ASIAN FOOD CRAWL – Top 4 Cheap Eats in First Markham Place

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We wanted to do another fun challenge and came across the Spicy Ramen Challenge and the Beanboozled Challenge on YouTube. We were having a hard time deciding between the two, so we put it up to you guys to decide. Surprisingly an overwhelming majority of you wanted to see us suffer from the Spicy Ramen Challenge, so we decided to go ahead with it.

If you know us, you know that we don’t like to do typical shit. So, we changed up the challenge a little and decided to race to see who can eat the most in 5 mins. Let’s just say that wasn’t the greatest idea and we literally ended up eating our words….

Check it out below!

Ps. For those of you who asked to see a Beanboozled challenge, we’ll definitely be doing one soon! Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Spicy Ramen Challenge:

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We have been having a lot of fun vlogging and putting together these fun little videos lately. Since you guys have all been wanting to get to know us a better, we decided that it’d be great to put together a Get to Know Us Tag video.

Thanks to those of you that sent us some questions you wanted to ask us. Hopefully, you can now say that you know us a little better after watching this video!

Ps. If we didn’t get a chance to answer your question, or if you have more questions that you may want us to answer. Feel free to reach out to us. We love all the personal interactions we get to have with you.

P.P.S: We both started our own personal Instagram accounts. Make sure to go follow us:




So without further-a-do:

Get To Know Us Tag Video:

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Soufi’s is a beautiful little Syrian cafe and restaurant located on 676 Queen St W.

They are serving up delicious homemade Syrian dishes using fresh and healthy ingredients.

We met up with the Co-Owner Jala Soufi, who showed us the ropes of her new digs. She also gave us 4 reasons to be addicted to Syrian food!

Now we just can’t get enough of her food.

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Watch our Soufi’s Restaurant Adventure here:


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